1.1.18Thank you, 2017, Hello 2018!San Francisco, CA

I know I’m a little late for this but… here it is 😄  I want to thank everyone who had us photograph your wedding, engagement, maternity, family, birthday, trash the dress (yay 🤩) in 2017 SO so much.

The fact that you chose and trusted us enough to capture some of the most important moments in your life, truly, means the world to me.  Just know that you didn’t just choose a vendor but you have made someone’s year (which was yet another difficult year, I’ll just leave it at that!) that much better.  That person is me.

Last year I started an end of year thing where I make a slideshow of my fav photos from the year.  A bit late but here’s one for 2017.  They aren’t all necessarily “the most perfect photos from ‘x’ photoshoot”, from a technical standpoint.  I chose these photos because they made me feel something, so to me they’re perfect.  A lot made me giggle, some captured great emotions, moments, and some were super tasty eye candy.  Also your pretty smiley faces make me smile.  I don’t exaggerate when I say we get to work with the best people.  Thank you for choosing Geo and I to capture these memories.  I’m so glad to have immortalized them in a way that you, hopefully, find beautiful.  Also thank you for giving us these memories as well.  Each person we meet and each event we photograph stakes out a piece of my heart and stays with me.

So once again.  Thank you.  For your smiles, sweetness, kindness, patience, for being great models, and…

❤︎ Thank you for being awesome ❤︎

(Go here: https://jennydee-photography.smartslides.com/thank-you-for-a-great-2017 if you can’t see the video below)