Gretchen and YiyangEngagement photos at Stanford University

After having to reschedule twice because of the rain (darn rain! :P) we were finally able to go out to Stanford for Gretchen and Yiyang’s engagement shoot last weekend!  Yay!  :D  Besides the usual tourists, we had to keep some interesting people out of our backgrounds who would have been just a tad distracting.  This included someone dressed as a banana as well as people in other various costumes.  There was also some half naked dude playing football who seemed to enjoy repeatedly flinging himself into the backdrop of our photos :P  Gretchen and Yiyang were super patient however, and did a super amazing job!  The day was worth the wait; the lighting was gorgeous and the tree at one of our fav photo spots was sprouting flowers that seemed extra pink.  Here are some photos from their engagement shoot!  Enjoy!  ❤︎  We can’t wait to photograph their wedding in July!