3.11.17Erica and JakeAnthony Chabot Regional Park Engagement in San Leandro

Halfway frozen through we briskly walked back to the car.  This is what happens when you find an awesome location with gorgeous Bay Views and me being me, I forget to bring my jacket for the time after the warm ball of light sets (at least I remembered to bring it this time but left it in the car).  Also me being me, I just couldn’t stop taking photos despite the fact that my fingers were starting to become immobile.  ;P

Anyway!  Where was I? (In my forgetful old man voice)  Erica and Jake found this awesome trail, The Fairmont Ridge Staging Area, in Anthony Chabot Regional park for their engagement photos.  Bay views were important to them and they found some great views! 😍  They also wanted to have their cute little pups in the photos.  Love the gorgeous green hills too :P.  We had a great time and I’m excited to photograph these two again in July for their wedding! ❤︎  More to come soon!