3.18.17Cyndi and ErinPoint Lobos, Land's End Labyrinth, Sutro bath engagement photos

“We’re really lucky today!  It’s usually incredibly windy out here.”  Two seconds later Boom!  Goes my new speed lite falling onto the rocks.  I guess that teaches us not to jinx ourselves and not to bring a brand new speed lite out to windy Lands End.  :P  Luckily my flash still works but the battery door has seen better days.

Despite the few gusts, it was a gorgeous day for Cyndi and Erin’s engagement shoot!  We hit up the usual spots at this location; the Labyrinth (where Geo used his amazing ‘keep the tourists away skills’ (aka nicely ask them to step aside for a moment), among his many talents), the gorgeous tress, and the Sutro Bathhouse.    Working with Cyndi and Erin was super fun and we can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Boundary Oak in October! ❤︎