1.1.17Thank you and Hello 2017!

This is really belated but I’ve finally had some time and better late than never!  😝

I want to thank everyone who has entrusted me with capturing your weddings and other special memories last year (and as always, previous years!).  The past year and half has been rough for me and Geo, filled with many drastic life changing shifts and business challenges that I probably shouldn’t have but couldn’t help but take pretty hard, all occurring in rapid fire. (I’ve left my science career so I will use bad grammar as I please- Hooray for run on sentences! Muahaha)  We’ve also moved way more times within in that year and a half than anyone ever should in such a short period of time 😝.

It’s all been mentally draining and has caused me to fall behind on the business side of things.  However putting this slideshow of some of my fav 2016 images together made my heart happy, lifted my spirits, and reminded me of why I chose this path.

So thank you.  For your patronage, trust, patience, kindness, smiles, laughter, and for being awesome.  It means more to me than you’ll ever know. ❤︎  I hope these pics make you smile as they did for me.  Happy 2017!

PS. As always, please keep us in mind when someone you know is in need of a photographer.  Referrals are best source for finding more awesome people like you; plus I get to see all your lovely faces again. 😘 Also, reviews are awesome; thank you to those whom have written one and please take a moment to do so on Yelp, Google, WeddingWire, or Facebook if you haven’t!

PS.PS.  Pixellu SmartSlides is awesome.

PS.PS.PS. Embedded slideshows are great and all but it looks like the quality has suffered a bit.  To see the slideshow in higher quality click Here ❤︎